If you travel by road regularly, then you already know the immense importance of autos. Personal cars, trucks, buses, and even motor cycles simplify routine travel and life in general. On the contrary, autos also pose a great deal of risk to motorists and pedestrians on the roads. Auto accidents cause personal injuries, material loss, and in the worst case scenario, death. That’s why having licensed professionals by your side, like the attorney that represents car accident victims in Manhattan, is a huge life-saver when it comes to the expenses after an unfortunate accident. If you’re an attorney who wants to help accident victims and work for a new firm, you may get in touch with a legal recruiter.

In the section below, we shall examine the most common types of auto accidents and their prevalence so that you can have better picture of how these accidents impact us.

  •   Car Accidents – Personal cars constitute a significant number of vehicles on our roads. This class includes salons, wagons, sports coupes, sedans, and SUVs. Given the immense popularity of personal cars, it is not difficult to see why rank highly in terms of auto accidents than all other kinds of vehicles. Slight car accidents can result in whiplash injuries while serious accidents can result in grave injuries and even death on impact which can even be classified under vehicular manslaughter. Like other forms of auto accidents, car accidents may culminate in prolonged and costly litigations and claims compensation process.  For this reason it’s important to hire a qualified car accident lawyer to help with your case.
  • Bus Accidents – While buses remain the most popular mode of public transport, they also rank high when it comes to auto accidents. Commuters who travel to and from work and those who shuttle between towns and cities prefer buses since they are convenient and easily accessible. School bus crashes still tops the list of bus accidents followed by commuter buses and shuttles. As with other forms of accidents, bus accidents can also turn out to be a costly and painful ordeal when claims and compensation process is delayed so you need to hire  commercial vehicle wreck attorneys as soon as possible.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – A motorcycle accident lawyer assists the victims of motorcycle accidents and makes sure their rights are protected. It is not a secret that motorcycle accidents are the most devastating forms of auto accidents. Individuals involved in motorcycle accidents often decide to hire a motorcycle attorney because they are more likely to sustain serious injuries due to their lack of protection on impact. Worse still, the risk of fatalities remains significantly higher than even car accidents. Riders who survive accidents may have to live with irreversible physical injuries for the rest of their lives. Perhaps, this is the reason why insurance companies charge higher premiums for motorcycle coverage. In many states, motorcycle falls and accidents are governed by the same laws governing car accidents. Having an accomplished motorcycle accident attorney is very important when filing a claim or a lawsuit after being injured in an accident.
  • Truck Accidents – While trucks represent a relatively small percentage of vehicles on the road, they still remain a major cause of auto accidents. 24 and 18-wheeler commercial trucks are commonly used for haulage and most of them travel long distances and for long hours. Because of this and other external factors, they remain a potential source of risk in our interstate highways. If you’re a trucker yourself, apart from having a commercial truck insurance policy, you must check Matrack GPS fleet tracking for innovative ways to stay safe on the road. Truck accidents can be quite complex especially when they involve multiple cars. A typical compensation case may drag on for a long period of time especially when there are several parties involved, so having an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side is definitely a big help.
  • Pedestrian Accidents – While many people believe that walking is much safer than driving, statistics tell otherwise. Statistics indicate that over 5000 pedestrians die and 80,000 pedestrians sustain injuries on our roads each year. If these figures are anything to go by then pedestrian accidents cannot be ignored as a serious problem. The common cause of pedestrian accidents is negligent driving which results in brain, spine, and neck injuries and even instant death.

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