If you are hurt in a car accident that was not your fault, you probably want to know what types of damages you can claim.  Before going to court or making a request for damages, it is important that you talk to a car accident attorney to help you frame your claim in the best possible light and make sure you get the compensation you deserve. If your car has refused to travel further and you’re stuck in the center of the highway, you will need towing service dublin professionals to rescue you.

As a skilled Grand Rapids automobile accident attorney can tell you, here are the categories of damages you can claim after an accident:

Medical Expenses:  All the expenses you incur to treat the injuries you or your passengers received from your car accident fall under this category.  Make sure to save all of your medical bills for your Grand Rapids auto accident attorney because he or she will need them to submit a claim to the insurance company.

Loss of Earning Capacity:  If your injury has negatively affected your ability to work and earn money in the future, you may be entitled to compensation for loss of earning capacity.  Your past earnings will be used as the basis for figuring out a damage amount, but a judge or jury will also consider on what your future earning potential would have been if you had not been in the accident. There are some dedicated personal injury services like mike morse injury law firm who can help you get the compensation for your loss of earning capacity.

Pain and Suffering: Your Grand Rapids auto accident attorney will discuss the amount of pain and suffering you experience after your car accident.  He or she will then use his or her experience to help develop a monetary value that accounts for the amount of your pain, the nature of your injury, and how long your suffering is likely to last.

Damage to Property:  Money for damage to your car and any other property hurt in the accident is also recoverable in your claim.  Make sure to give your Grand Rapids accident attorney a detailed list of any personal property that was damaged in the crash.

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